41st Annual
Sickle Cell Tennis Classic

August 4-5 and August 11-12, 2018

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Next Match Start Time   

Site legend: ROCK=Rockford Park - No name=Rodney Street - SANFD=Sanford School
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Online Registration via PayPal Process

All online registration help questions e-mailed to online@sctennistournament.org
will be answered within 24 hours.

We’ve made some changes to the registration process. 
You will notice several differences in the data screens and overall process. 
Please take a minute to review the most important ones:

1)  Choose your singles and/or doubles events from the respective dropdown menus and add them to the cart
Each time you add an event to your cart, you will be directed to the screen below where you can verify the events you’ve chosen. 
Once verified, click on check out to pay by debit/credit card or click on PayPal if you have and want to use your PayPal account.


2)  When you click “check out”, you will be directed to the screen below where you can enter you credit/debit card information.  Complete your information and click “Review and Continue” at the bottom of the page.  Don’t worry, this is only a review, you are not submitting your payment.


3)  The screen below is the review screen.  This is a very important screen because you will need to enter critical information if you are playing doubles or need to enter comments or notes to usYou will note the option “ENTER PARTNER NAME, CONTACT INFO & OTHER”, shown just below the name and address information.  Click the add button next to this statement to open up a text box and type in your partner(s) name and contact information and any other information. (refer to # 5 below for an example of the open text box.)


4)  Type your info in this box.  You have 255 characters of typing.  Save your work and you are returned to the “Review your information” screen.


5)  As in the past, to register online a $5 transaction fee will be added to your registration fee.  This $5 is shown as “shipping and handling”.

Click “Pay Now” to submit and complete your registration entry.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your at the e-mail address you listed in this registration.