43rd Annual
Sickle Cell Tennis Classic

August 1 - 5, 2020

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Next Match Start Time   

Next Match Start Time Reprt legend:  DTC=Delcaltle Tennis Center  DicHS=Dickinson High School  McKHS=McKean High School
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Sickle Cell Tennis Tournament Event Overview

Event Overview


OPEN Events: Singles: $50.00

NTRP Events: Singles: $35.00

 OPEN Events: Doubles: $90.00 team ($45.00 per)

NTRP Events: Doubles: $60.00 team ($30.00 per)


Mailed entries must be received NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY JULY 22, 2020.


Telephone entries will not be accepted.


Only entries with FULL ENTRY FEE, will be accepted.


REGISTER ONLINE: visit www.sctennistournament.org



Saturday,           August     1st       Start  8 AM

Sunday,             August     2nd      Start  8 AM

Monday,            August     3rd       Start  6 PM

Tuesday,           August     4th       Start  6 PM

Wednesday,      August     5th       Start  6 PM


Log on to www.sctennistournament.org on July  30th  to confirm first round playing time and court location. 
Each player is responsible for checking the schedule thereafter.



DelCastle Tennis Center Courts and  neighboring courts. 
Thirty minute default time. 
Tennis balls will be provided.



No refund after July 23, 2020.

Each player is limited to two events:

one Singles+one Doubles, one Singles+one Mixed or  one Doubles+one Mixed*

The DRAW will be made on or shortly after Tuesday, Jul. 28th .

Be sure to include your telephone number and address
and your partner's telephone number and address
("TBA" as a partner will not be accepted.)


All matches will be 2 of 3 sets, with a 10 point match tie breaker

played in lieu of a full third set. (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Senior events - players must be 45 years old or older.

Super Senior events - Players must be 55 years old or older.

Masters events - players must be 65 years old or older.


*Players in two (2) double events may face schedule delays or back to back matches.



OPEN Events: Cash Prizes will be given to Winners & Finalists.

 NTRP Events: Awards will be given to Winners and Finalists.



Players are required to play at their

NTRP rating reference level or higher.


4.5  Advanced

4.0  High Intermediate

3.5  Intermediate

3.0  Low Intermediate


Tournament Officials

  Watson Brown                     302-239-4105

  James F. Monk, Jr.              302-323-0161


E-mail: sctt@sctennistournament.org